Welcome to the original Island Chair Island Chair logo Award All Content of this Website is copyright (c) by Island Chairs, LLC NuSkin Is Aging getting under and on your Skin? Watch a short Video showing the new Galvanic Spa II by Nu Skin and other fine Products from this 26 year old company Sponsor ID US1211067 Island Chairs, TM Orbit Websites Island Chairs dealerships and distributor positions are available. Please inquire by Email: islandchair1@earthlink.net After a long hard day's work, it's relaxing and stress-reducing to lounge in the ‘Island Chair', a very unique hammock like hanging chair. Enjoy your Island Chair every day, all year round, inside or outside. It will comfort your tired body, help ease back pain and relieve stress. A few minutes in this great chair, maybe used as a patio swing on your porch, will let you recharge and may also help you sleep better. Island Chairs are affordable and the perfect gift for friends and family. It's truly a gift that keeps on giving! The Island Chairs™ are fantastic chairs, that support women during their Pregnancy and mothers while Nursing. They're also an excellent place for Meditation or Prayers. But the Island Chair™ is much more than just another fancy porch swing. According to the many  testimonials received by Island Chairs, it can actually help with many of the known physical and sensory processing disorders, such as seen in children  and people with Autism and Cerebral Palsy. A wonderful but unexpected blessing! Read some Testimonials (click on Photo to enlarge) Slideshow Video The only patented, high quality chair of its kind, tested for up to 300 lbs Click for answers Why are the patented ISLAND CHAIRS different from Hammocks, Hammock chairs, Sky chairs, Air chairs, Swing Chairs, or any other hanging chairs? Menu top Menu bottom Award The Island Chairs can be hung from anything strong enough to safely support your weight. A strong branch, a beam in your house or on your porch. In case that’s not possible, there is a metal Stand available, that allows you to use your Island Chair anywhere you like. Both, chair and stand are tested up to 300 lbs. Ursula Nussbaum, Owner and Designer 1-239-206-1031 Welcome to the original Properties in Naples Florida